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Winning a fire safety poster contest in 3rd grade propelled my career into the creative arts. After 4 years of studio arts and a bachelor of Fine Arts later, I jumped into the creative pond (well more like an ocean).

Working in Graphic Design for over 10 years has become my commercial career of choice but I gather creative inspiration from online to offline. This blog is a hodgepodge of my creative musings.

A few things that keep me going...good coffee made with fresh ground beans, books, cats, photography, gardening, 90's Alt Rock, RI beaches, flea markets, antique jewelry, making to do lists, ceramics, soy milk, funky sunglasses, broken in jeans, traveling, my family and dark chocolate.
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Ready to redesign your website? Don’t even know what you are looking for or where to start?

CLIENT TIP: When working with a web designer review some website examples to give your designer an idea of what you are looking for aesthetically. This will help your creative person get an idea of your style, colors, fonts and even website structure.

We are excited for HOW Design Live 2012 and the Creative Freelancer Conference. Leaving tomorrow for Boston where creatives of the world unite!

Famous Brand Logo & Catchy Tagline T-Shirt - FUNNY!

See it here.

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Gov.UK has put together a great guide to digital service design principles. Getting hip with it UK!

Freelancers have long been the envy of cubicle-trapped office workers. From the flexible hours to escaping mundane office politics, there’s a lot to love about operating solo.

Yet, one major downfall that almost every freelancer experiences is unpaid invoices. The fact of the matter is that if a self-employed freelancer gets shortchanged, the cost of taking the issue to court is often greater than what the bill is worth.

Infographic confirms that Advertising people love advertising and social media therefore, “not normal.”

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Great Campaign for Subaru: My First Car Story:

Write and illustrate you very own story all about your first car! So many memories come back to me when thinking about my first car – a tiny Red 1988 Toyota Tercel Hatchback - that car took us everywhere! Saving all of my hard earned money from waitressing and scooping ice cream all summer long, nothing was more exciting than buying my first car! Relive all of your memories on this great interactive site and fun user experience!