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Winning a fire safety poster contest in 3rd grade propelled my career into the creative arts. After 4 years of studio arts and a bachelor of Fine Arts later, I jumped into the creative pond (well more like an ocean).

Working in Graphic Design for over 10 years has become my commercial career of choice but I gather creative inspiration from online to offline. This blog is a hodgepodge of my creative musings.

A few things that keep me going...good coffee made with fresh ground beans, books, cats, photography, gardening, 90's Alt Rock, RI beaches, flea markets, antique jewelry, making to do lists, ceramics, soy milk, funky sunglasses, broken in jeans, traveling, my family and dark chocolate.
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Illustration created by Ben Crick, an amazing piece of advice and typography on  ”How to Run a Graphic Design Business.”

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    All artists should listen to the wise person behind this poster!
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    All about this. I haven’t worked for free in many years, except on this here internet concern, which I enjoy.
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    THIIIIISSSSS.. Not to mention you bring down EVERYBODY else in your field. By doing the work for free, the people who...
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    Love this.
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    THIS. So many of my fellow classmates do work for free. Do it a few times and then stop it. Value your work, people.
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